I Can’t Shoot

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Many people believe they can’t learn to accurately use a firearm. Perhaps he person has tried and missed the target completely, or was upset by the noise, muzzle flash, or recoil. Or maybe people they were with when they were trying to shoot belittled them.

The fact is, any one who is willing to learn can become a competent shooter. Your gender or ethnicity don’t matter. Neither does your physical size, although smaller people tend to need smaller grips. Many times a physical problem creates challenges and requires a modified grip, aim, or stance, but does not preclude someone from learning to shoot well.

About the only thing I can’t overcome as an instructor is a poor attitude: someone who is convinced they know what they’re doing and it’s the firearm, the range, me, or the weather that’s the problem. It’s certainly possible to teach oneself how to shoot well, but it’s usually faster and less frustrating to have someone help you learn things that might take years to learn by oneself.

Everyone learns differently. A good instructor will modify their teaching style to accommodate those differences. A bad instructor says, “this is how I teach, deal with it.” My suggestion is go with a good instructor. They’re worth what you pay them.


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