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Welcome to the first post on the Ashinco, LLC blog page. Subsequent entries will talk about classes and changes to the curricula, events that may of interest to readers, and discussions of topics that also may be of interest to readers. This post starts at the beginning: why did I create the company?

Most of the instructors I know teach part time and I’m no exception. Many of us, myself included, have day jobs that are unrelated to firearms. Why do we teach? We teach primarily because we enjoy passing along our knowledge and skill, and learning as we do so. I decided to formally incorporate my desire to teach and formed Ashinco. The name is a play on my initials, and the word INCOporated. It had the advantage of not already being used by another business, which is a legal requirement when creating a business entity.

The website you’ve reached is the latest addition to the company and will evolve. Right now it’s very basic. Over time, we’ll add more visual elements as well as material that we feel could be helpful to people who want to learn more about firearms and developing their skill.


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